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Welcome to the PicoForge platform at TELECOM & Management SudParis (ex. GET/INT)

Welcome to the PicoForge platform hosted at TELECOM & Management SudParis (ex. INT) in Evry (France). TELECOM & Management SudParis is part of Institut TELECOM (ex. GET).

This collaborative work environment, made exclusively out of libre software, is primarily devoted to collaborative software development, but may also be used for many other work groups activities, through the Net.

This platform runs the PicoForge system. More details are available on : http://www.PicoForge.org/

This platform is primarily devoted to hosting of collaborative projects related to GET/INT, GET, or its partners. No warranty whatsoever on the use of this platform for professional use : you may use it only at your own risk.

Entry points for collaboration :

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to access the collaborative environment of picoforge.int-evry.fr

List of the (public) projects' web sites hosted at picoforge.int-evry.fr

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More details on TELECOM & Management SudParis :

Starting early 2008, GET/INT changes name and is called TELECOM & Management SupParis, whereas the GET group is now known as Insitut TELECOM.

Yes, there are new domain names, but we keep to the old one (.int-evry.fr) for this picoforge platfom, as it's rather painful to rename mailing-list aliases and other parameters in the platform.

The following sites will give more details on our institution :

About SSL certificates used on this site

Since 2010/01/19 we have new SSL certificates on picoforge.int-evry.fr, which have now been issued by a new Certification Authority (TERENA TCS) that is better recognized by web browsers, and no longer the older ones that caused access problems on some platforms.

-- Olivier BERGER 2010/01/19